Real-life clients share their stories.Meet our clients, be inspired by their journeys out of homelessness and see how community support can make an impact.

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The Problem

Think homelessness isn’t a problem in our community?

Ask the 36-year-old mother hiking across town with her life in a knapsack. The man who spent the night in a tent before heading to his morning shift at a local retailer. The recent college graduate anxiously scrolling the online job sites at the local library. The senior filling her pockets with extras at the church potluck. The carpenter surviving the off-season in his car and on a friend’s couch.

Homelessness is a serious, growing crisis in our community that affects us all through increased violence, criminal activity, addiction and health concerns. We can change it together.

Read true stories from previously homeless members of our community.

As of today, here are some statistics for York Region:


people are homeless and even more are just one lost job, abusive relationship, accident or illness away from homelessness.


of renter households in York Region are spending 30% or more on housing—the highest in the GTHA.


is our community’s rental vacancy rate.

11 years

is how long individuals need to wait for affordable housing with the waitlist topping 17,000.

So, what are we doing about it?

Our Solution

75% of the people completing our Stability Now transitional housing program are successfully housed for six months or more.

By the end of 2024, we will finish construction of a new, 16,000 square foot housing centre featuring a 3.5 fold increase in the number of transitional housing units plus an emergency shelter and programming space. With this purpose-built new home we will support even more people to transition to stable housing.

To help construct and outfit our new home, we launched All Inn! Our campaign to End Homelessness under the leadership of Newmarket Mayor, John Taylor. At $2.5 million, this is the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our 18-year history. We are so proud that 100% of our volunteer Board of Directors and our campaign volunteers have already donated and we are confident that the generosity of our community will help make our ambitious vision a reality.

$2.5 million goal

This is the biggest fundraising campaign in our history.


Mayor Taylor is leading a volunteer team of business and community leaders who are committed to ending homelessness in our community.

Will you join us?

Your donation will help construct, furnish and outfit our new housing centre. Together we will end homelessness in our community!

Opening in winter 2024

Construction is planned to begin later this year, with an aggressive timetable to be complete in 2023.

Client Stories

Homeless people are just like you and me with one exception: something serious and unexpected happened to turn their lives upside down. Homelessness is not a choice. It could happen to any of us or the people we love. But together we CAN end homelessness – be inspired by these true stories.

Think homelessness isn’t an issue in York Region? Just ask Peter.

Peter was a busy local contractor until heart problems, back pain and alcoholism turned his life upside down. He lost his business, his equipment and eventually his home. After joining our Stability Now transitional housing program, he received medical treatment, landed a part-time job and, since April 2021, has been successfully housed in his new, permanent home. “It was only a room, “ he says of the IFTC program, “but it gave me the incentive and support to get moving on with my life.”

Can’t imagine life without a roof over your head? Neither could Lynda. But then her seemingly healthy relationship became physically abusive, and Lynda relied on alcohol and drugs to cope.

Scared and alone, she fled to a women’s abuse shelter. She attended rehab, joined AA and found supportive housing but every few months, her PTSD would flare up and she would find herself homeless again.

Anxious to get her life back on track, Lynda turned to Inn From The Cold. She attended the Getting Ahead program to help strengthen her capacity for change and is working as a member of the Inn Team, IFTC’s employment social enterprise.

Today, Lynda has a stable roof over her head, where she is helping to care for her young granddaughter.

“I walked into Inn From The Cold alone and lost and, now, with love, compassion and direction I have integrated back into society,” she says.

Donor Stories

We count on the generous support of our donors to help our vulnerable community members transition to a better life. We are so grateful for their support and moved by their stories – what’s your reason for giving?

Ways you can help end homelessness

We’re building the new Inn From the Cold. Here’s how you can join us to help end homelessness:

  • One-time

  • Monthly donation

  • Dedication

Donate Today

Learn how you can turn your event or activity idea into a fundraiser to help us build the new, Inn From the Cold.

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About Inn From The Cold


Inn From The Cold meets the needs of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We work with the community and collaborate with our partners in supporting those with basic to complex needs in York Region.


Shelter, Dignity, and Safety for everyone in York Region.


Inn from the Cold works with people in a respectful, dignified, non-judgmental manner to provide them a safe and positive environment.

Together we can end homelessness!